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metal artwork & sculptures for Art Galleries & Indivuduals
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About Us
Ar-Tee Group Pty Ltd / trading as Laser FX

Laser FX is an Australian owned family based company which has been established since the year 2000.
We are a committed small business continuing to grow and diversify to suit all our client needs.

Originally when we set up, we catered for all of the standard engineering demands for flat bed laser cutting only, keeping it simple and steady, but to the high precision standard and tolerance as you would expect from a Laser cutting service, over continual controlled growth and improvements we now supply a full gamut of finished products to the end user, to a more than satisfactory condition to many different industry types.

We discuss with our clients all their needs and requirements to establish a full provision of services and a strong understanding of their product, as to suit their production needs.
From design and development we have helped improve, simplify and reduce costs on their products where necessary to increase profitability for their future well being.

Laser technology itself has also continually improved and added new dimensions to the market place, laser rotary cutting perfectly cuts a wide range of tubular product, and the addition to laser cutting attached to robot arms makes 5 axis cutting way easier than before.
Technology like this is superceding conventional methods that were once adequate for the job, making them one day become obsolete.
Laser welding, laser marking and laser cladding have also stamped their authority in the industry, giving a professional, state of the art technology solutions to all manufacturing needs.

Having many years experience in these fields will only endorse the laser fx commitment to excellence.

Laser FX not only manufactures for an external base of clients now, but is also creating and developing it's own inhouse products to a neiche handful of industries.
Laser FX designs it's own sculptures and water features for small run production quantities and 1- off's, customising designs for personal and individual needs.

Also laser fx manufactures motorcycle components to it's own label lfx, this includes bike stands, ramps, security locking devices, shop markettting and merchandising stands and any custom design that needs to be produced, as well as importing from the finest brands from the usa.

The Laser FX team has specific areas and skills to help you, as we can develop your part from scratch if need be.
Our CAD team will steer you thru, prototyping your components ready for future production needs.


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